Piper hispidum Sw.

Información General

Colector principal: Bornstein, A. #1253
Colectores adicionales: Schubert, H.
Fecha: 11 Enero 2011
Localidad: Río Grande, 200-300 m N of bridge over Quebrada Sonadora on Hwy 186, N of entrance to El Verde Field Station.
Descripción: Moderately branched shrub @ 1.5m tall; leaves scabrous above, pubescent along veins below, dark green; bracts/fruits forming bands @ erect spikes; bracts shallowly triangular, fimbriate; anthers tiny, dehiscent upward; fruits round, pubescent, green.
Hábitat: Growing at edge of wooded area along roadside.
Herbario: UPRRP